Hedgend Maze

Set on a magnificent 20 acres in the heart of the Yarra Valley, Hedgend Maze is best described as a growing ‘learning-scape’. It sports the ideal location to provide your delegates an environment for shared experiences where they can come together and stimulate their learning to think differently, connect as a group and create lasting memories.

Our vision is to motivate and inspire groups of people to unlock their inner potential to better connect with themselves and others through our enriched learning programs. You will explore our activities using different learning styles and senses. We simply plan your day according to your desired goals and expectations. Delegates walk away with a deeper awareness, to identify their own strengths in learning. This is how we creatively cater for so many returning groups of people that visit us each year.

We host big corporate events, however we have come to specialize in intimate corporate groups, too. Minimum groups must be 12 people.

Work together on planning & strategy, enabling success for your group, every time.

  • Hedgend Maze - Aerial view

    Hedgend Maze - Aerial view

  • Hedgend Maze - Team Activity

    Hedgend Maze - Team Activity

163 Albert Road, Healesville, VIC 3777
Tel: 0459 59 50 57
Email: info@hedgend.com.au
Web: www.hedgend.com.au