It’s been a long, hard stretch for business events and as we begin to return to face-to-face events (remember those?) there are a few things planners must consider to ensure it’s done safely and smoothly.

As we’re all looking forward to slowly working back into hosting actual in-person events again soon, make sure your event planning includes the following:

Pre-registration is essential.
Attendee safety is still paramount so getting guests to pre-register is a must.  However, as an extra benefit, having guests pre-register will ensure better planning, marketing, and budgeting as well as managing venue capacity limits, something we may still need to contend with.

It’s important to keep in mind that depending on the type of event you’re organising, staggered entry times may be required or benefit your event to avoid queues and crowds.

Keep it hands-free.
As much as you possibly can, try keeping aspects of your event touchless. From guest registration to QR code check-in.

Communicate with your guests. 
In the lead-up to your event, meeting, exhibition, etc, get in touch with your attendees and let them the guideline for attending. This might be information on vaccination requirements, check-in requirements, mask requirements, and limited capacities. It’s also important on the day of your event to have appropriate signage that’s simple and clear about these guidelines and rules.

Be prepared.
Just in case, it’s always best to have a pack of disposable masks spare and extra bottles of hand sanitizer at entry and exit points, in bathrooms, at registration and dining areas, anywhere where surfaces may be touched. You can even get clever and brand facemasks with a sponsor or event logo or pop a branded hand sanitizer in your attendee’s conference pack.

Don’t ignore virtual.
Even though people might be ‘Zoomed out’, there will still be attendees who, for a variety of reasons will still want to attend virtually. Keep this in mind when planning and ensure you still have streaming or recording available post-event for those who aren’t able to attend in person.

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